Chivaro Gajadien

Founder & CEO Of Chivaro Gajadien


A Bold Entrepreneur.

As the CEO of K&K Heritage Group, Chivaro Gajadien is responsible for running all facets of his seven thriving businesses in Suriname. Chivaro has a proven management and advisory track record and over 25 years of experience driving personal growth and specialization in the Human Resource industry. By observing many companies over the years, he has recognized the principles that can help companies formulate strategies for the years ahead. Prior to his success, Chivaro was quite the matchmaker in school; he found his passion in connecting people at an early age and developed this passion into a business with his entrepreneurial nature. He soon quit his civil engineering bachelor’s studies and dove into the world of business.


Building a huge group of companies can require the combined talents and assistance from a lot of people. Chivaro did not have a lot of support; there are a handful of people who supported him, one of which is his dad. People often ask him how he managed to grow; there is no simple answer to this question, but the most important aspect was his drive to connect people and keeping his vision in mind.


He owes his success to his insight in understanding people; he truly understands the needs of his clients and individuals. He knows the essential processes and key elements of his businesses and therefore runs one of the most successful employment agencies in Suriname. K&K Heritage Group has not only created exciting employment opportunities globally, but also placed an immense amount of employment information at anyone’s fingertips on their platform


Chivaro would not often want to take credit for his great achievements and the many good deeds he does for people, but below you can read a summary about his leadership style and his views on education and relationships. We hope it stimulates understanding about the workforce and motivates you to take advantage of creative ideas and turn them into businesses in the near future.



According to Chivaro, motivated employees perform best. He is right. Progress will come if the team makes the best of the procedures and working tools, they receive from the employer. The potential and aspirations of many talented people have been opposed by lack of tools. Instead of rushing out to buy the latest tool or invest in the greatest equipment, the employer should always take a step back and think about how they want their business to work, he advises. Learning is enhanced when good tools are available for the employee and potential is wasted when the right information is not at hand. Chivaro seduces people into thinking that they can’t lose; he forms a winner’s perspective into each employee’s mind. He deserves a lot of credit for reversing negativity and fears into positivity and push to take the leap. His trick is not telling you what your strengths are, he would rather assign tasks to the individual and let them figure out their strengths. Chivaro would then help you to enhance that specific element to express oneself better and open up artistic and creative opportunities.


Straight forward, some would describe him as. But as a CEO, with significant amount of free time, going back and forth over agreements will cause dramatic repercussions. Unfortunately, he cannot get more hours in a day, but if an employee needs to troubleshoot, he will always make time or make sure they get a response to their email. Chivaro says that entrepreneurs should run their businesses like Bill Gates. “One thing is clear; we don’t have the option of turning away from the future”- a well-known statement from Bill Gates. Planning ahead is a must for Chivaro; when working with him you’re sure to know what the tasks and goals will be for at least three months ahead. Smart, experienced and creative people will prosper; these are the type of people K&K Heritage Group consists of and delivers to customers.



Chivaro also beliefs that education is the best investment. He earned his Doctorate in Management at the Accredited University of America in California, U.S.A. “Everyone deserves an opportunity to learn and grow”, he says in his book “Authentic People Leadership”. In this book he described the role and characteristics of authentic people leaders, just like him. When giving advice he does not know what the person will do with it or where it will lead them to, but it’s certain that Chivaro did touch many lives and by using his advice it has taken us all even farther. Even though he is an educator, he also likes to learn from others and be surrounded by innovative people.

Demand for an educated workforce is high, but most employers forget that productivity drives improvement. Learning doesn’t have to be only in a classroom, learning goes on everywhere. Chivaro has employed many people with little to no education and has challenged them to become a better version by educating themselves. His curiosity lies in understanding individuals and differing approaches towards each individual.



Most of us struggle or have struggled to keep alive a friendship with someone far away. Equally as important as achieving his life goals, Chivaro’s family and friends mean the world to him. He values spending time with his loved ones and always has a listening ear or stretches a helping hand. We all recognize the value of a knowledgeable person; Chivaro invests in relationships and expects the same from the other. It’s no relationship if agreements weren’t made and aren’t mutually respected.